Football’s ‘Iron Man’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic Launches Mobile Phone Game Set in Space


Zlatan Ibrahimovic loves to be the center of attention – and now he’s going to be the star of his own mobile phone game.

The big Swede claims he’s already conquered the football world. Now he’s set his sights on an out of this world challenge.

Dressed in an Iron Man-style superhero outfit he’s launching a “fast-paced action game set in space.”

Called Zlatan Legends, it features the former Manchester United, Inter Milan, Barcelona and PSG striker taking on “a new rival, someone he knows very well.”

Ibrahimovic has spent the past two years helping to create the game alongside Swedish developers Isbit Games. ‘Zlatan Legends’ will be available for download on Apple’s App Store on August 17, and then launches on Google Play later.

Zlatan has clearly been busy while recovering from a serious knee injury. But he could be back with the Red Devils by the end of the year if his recovery continues ahead of schedule.

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