Is Jose Mourinho Going to Bale Out Gareth From Real Madrid?


Jose Mourinho has made it clear he will be first in line for Gareth Bale if Real Madrid lets the Welshman go.

Sending a clear message to Bale, the Manchester United boss declared his interest in buying the 28-year-old winger.

In Santa Clara last month, Mourinho hugged the Welsh star before Manchester United met Real Madrid. He was also heard sharing a private joke in Spanish about Bale not answering his calls.

But then Bale has been busy being Bane…

(Instagram/Gareth Bale)

In the Macedonian capital of Skopje – host of the European Super Cup between the same two clubs – he was even more forthright.

If Madrid sign Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe as predicted, Bale is likely to leave the Bernabeu four years after a then world record £86million move from Tottenham.

And Mourinho will be waiting…

“If he’s not in the club’s plans and what you are writing is true, that the arrival of another player then Gareth would be on his way out of Real Madrid, I would try to be waiting for him on the other side and be fighting with the other coaches who would like to have him on their team,” said Mourinho.

Bale does look good in red…

(Instagram/Gareth Bale)

Real boss Zinedine Zidane later passed up three separate opportunities to state categorically that Bale will remain in Spain.

If Bale was looking for assurance from his coach, he was unlucky.

“Bale is a Real Madrid player that’s all I can say. We are here. Him, me, all the other players and the fans are here for the match only,” said Zidane.

“What’s important for us isn’t what the coach (Mourinho) said, it’s what we are going to do tomorrow. He will prepare his team and I will prepare mine.

“It’s the same thing with Cristiano Ronaldo. We’ve also had stories there. People seem to want to blow it up out of proportion.”

Was David Beckham also putting a word in for his old club?

(Instagram/Gareth Bale)

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