WATCH: Incredible Freestyler’s Real Keepy-UPpy at Top of a 600ft Radio Mast


John Farnworth has found a way to get to the top of the football freestyle world – literally!

It didn’t take him all the way to the Manchester clubs. But at least he could see the city from where he climbed to carry out this vertigo-inducing stunt on top of a 600ft radio mast.

John, 31, from Preston, Lancashire climbed the mast in the village of Inskip and carried out his tricks high above the Lancashire countryside.

“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done,” said John, according to the Daily Mail. “It might surprise some people but I am actually quite scared of heights.

“I had climbed the mast a few years ago but did not even make it to the top. It took almost an hour to reach, as it is quite a long way up, and we have to make sure I am securely strapped in. I always like to push myself, especially something I have a fear of. It was quite windy up there but it was not quite as bad as I had expected.

“I have been training to work in small spaces for a while so the size of the area up there was not too much of a problem. The thing about this challenge is that I was so focused on keeping the ball up and doing tricks, that it made me forget about the fear of how high I actually was.”

John’s skills have got him noticed in the pro game…

John broke a world record in March last year by controlling a ball dropped from 104ft in Liverpool. He followed that up by controlling a ball dropped from a drone flying at 105ft.

Lionel Messi previously held the record on a Japanese TV show after managing control of the ball from 59ft.

John also holds six Guinness World Records including the most around the worlds in under a minute, which he set at 83 in 2007.